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Larry Ferlazzo talks with Val Brown

Larry Ferlazzo, a well-known teacher-author, podcaster, and blogger from the Sacramento City Schools, talks with Val Brown about Writing to Influence Parents. This podcast is part of the Center for Teaching Quality microcredential series.

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Writing to Influence Parents

Educators use effective writing strategies to influence parents for the purpose of engaging them with a specific policy, program, initiative, technology, or pedagogical approach. In this session, CTQ’s Kristoffer Kohl will work with participants to outline a piece designed to engage parents and commit them to a particular action. Potential topics might include new initiatives, valuable programs, innovative technologies, assessment practices, research findings, or policy changes.

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What are You Doing to Encourage Curiosity in Your Teachers?

In a response to my recent bit on the importance of encouraging curiosity in the classroom, an undergraduate education student going by LaurenUSA made an important point that I hadn’t considered.  She wrote: “Ironically, I also see that I will have to use my own curiosity and creativity alike to come up with the actual assignments that will engage …



Jozette Martinez talks with Vicki Phillips

Jozette Martinez is a teacher in the Denver Public Schools and a member of the Center for Teaching Quality Collaboratory. She talks with Dr. Vicki Phillips about the importance of teachers writing about their experiences in this practical, how-to conversation.

This Episode is part of the CTQ Pathway on TeachingPartners that will prepare you to fulfill the CTQ microcredential “How to Write to Influence Colleagues.”

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Writing to Influence Colleagues

Watch the recorded workshop, led by CTQ’s Caitlin Kennedy. Learn effective writing strategies to influence colleagues for the purpose of activating them to implement or support a specific policy, program, initiative, technology, or pedagogical approach.

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Summer Session Kicks Into High Gear

Log into TeachingPartners over the next three weeks as we’re presenting new Pathways with the Center for Teaching Quality.


Dr. Gene Bottoms

Dr. Gene Bottoms talks with Vicki Phillips about the Southern Regional Education Board (SREB). Looking for the MDC and LDC Groups, hosted by SREB? Check out our Groups.


Teacher-Powered Schools

Sarah Giddings leads a discussion on teacher-powered Schools with David Briley and Julene Oxton.


The Why of Teacher Leadership

Check out the new blog post from Barnett Berry and Vicki Phillips, “The Why of Teacher Leadership.” This is the first piece in a series, authored in partnership with The Center for Teaching Quality.

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Teacher-Powered Schools: How to Create One in 5 Steps

Our many thanks to Deyonne Jackson and Ronnda Cargile, teachers and Ambassadors for the Teacher-Powered Schools Initiative, for hosting TeachingPartners LIVE last night.

If you missed the webinar live, you’re not to late. You can still view it here. 




Investing in What it Takes to Move from Good to Great

This new report–created with 10 leading education organizations committed to including teacher voice–shares the thoughts of exemplary teachers on the supports and experiences that have increased their effectiveness as educators as at various stages of their careers.


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