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Receive up to six hours of PD credit. Learn directly from some of America’s most celebrated teachers. Take part in teacher‑led working groups to personalize the single approach they recommend most to improve student outcomes


Earn a micro‑creden al. Explore skills and prac ces that have been researched and developed by America’s leading professional development organiza ons, take part in teacher‑led working groups and demonstrate the proficiency you need to earn PD credit.

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Meet new friends, develop new skills, and grow your professional network. It takes just seconds to find a group of teachers just like you, and just a little longer to start a group yourself.

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Want to meet new people, develop new skills, and grow your professional network? Join a group created by a teacher just like you and learn together with other educators who are active and involved in the professional topics you care about.

Want to work together with teachers across your school, or across the country? It takes just minutes to create your own learning group — a private space where you can host live webinars, share resources and ideas, and learn together with teachers who share your professional interests.

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