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This summer, teacher leaders from across the United States gathered in Las Vegas for the first ever National Teacher Leadership Conference.  Then, on September 8th the conference went truly national, making it possible for teachers everywhere to take part in their choice of eleven free, live, credit-bearing workshops–each based on a session first presented this summer.

We recorded and archived every workshop, and they’re all available to view here for free, whenever you wish and wherever you are.

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We’d love for everyone to see what real teacher-driven professional learning can do.


Metal Detectors and Clear Book Bags

Kelisa Wing is a professional development specialist with DoDEA in Alexandria, VA; the 2017 DoDEA State Teacher of the Year; the 2017 UMUC Outstanding Alumnae of the Year; and a 2016 Association of Supervision, Curriculum, and Development (ASCD) Emerging Leader.

She is also a product of inner city schools and has experienced the Belief Gap in inner-city schools first hand. As a public speaker, writer, and advocate for eliminating the school-to-prison pipeline, it is her personal mission to raise awareness on this serious issue.

View the archive of the conference session in which Kelisa shares why the Belief Gap is very real in our schools across our nation, and as she encourages educators to ensure that they are not exercising cultural deficit thinking and choose to believe in ALL students!

Getting to the Heart of Literacy

Claire Riddell is the Manager of Educational Partnerships and Marisa Ramirez Stukey is the Regional Director with the Center for the Collaborative Classroom.

They know from experience that integrating Social Emotional Learning into literacy instruction better equips students to work together, push each other’s thinking, respond in thoughtful ways to literature and expository text, and write with passion and voice

View the archive of the conference session in which Claire and Marisa discuss teaching practices that support teachers in intentionally integrating SEL with rich literacy instruction.

The Empathy Challenge Explained

Empatico Fellows Michael Dunlea, Ashlee Upp, Melissa Collins recently took part in Empatico’s Empathy Challenge.

Together with Fellows from across the United States, they benefited from Empatico’s live video, resources, and activities to foster meaningful connections among their students.

View the archive of the conference session in which Michael, Ashlee, and Melissa share how this remarkable experience improved their practice, connected their classrooms with others across the country, and inspired their students and their fellow teachers to spark curiosity, spread kindness, and develop greater empathy.

Required Reading Reconsidered

Monica Washington and Afrika Afeni Mills are experienced and celebrated educators as well as instructional coaches at BetterLesson.

They are both committed to creating more inclusive and richer literary experiences for students and to sharing and modeling strategies with teachers that make these experiences possible.

View the archive of the conference session in which Monica and Afrika discuss the voids that may exist in your schools’ required literary canons, and then work with other educators to explore resources and practical solutions that can help you and your students reconsider what you recognize as “required reading.”

Elevating the Profession through Board Certification

Michelle Accardi, Stacey Donaldson, Kelly Elder, and Tonia Holmes-Sutton are all National Board Certified Teachers who have served in teacher leadership roles.

Together, they’ll share what it has meant to them and to their practice to be National Board Certified, provide an overview of their National Board mission,  and explain the new National Board process that makes certification more flexible and more affordable

View the archive of the conference session in which they each share how they drew on their combined recognitions to advance the profession, and find out about the National Board’s Advocacy Toolkit, which helps teachers identify practical approaches to advocate for advancing the profession.

Don’t Shoot Someone and Go to Jail, Pretend to Shoot Someone and Go to Hollywood

Peter Ferris is an actor, musician, composer, voice artist, director and producer and in 1988 he also become a teacher.

He believes in dialog: that we being brave enough to discuss the real world with our students and brave enough to “listen” to their answers is the only way to tackle extremism leading to terrorism.

View the archive of the conference session in he explains why we must not be frightened to confront and discuss this issue, and why, as Peter says, “if you are angry, write it, let people hear what you have to say, but then be prepared for their replies even if they are the antithesis of yours. That is dialogue, that is talking. When we keep talking we get peace, when we stop talking we get war.”

Cutting the School-to-Prison Pipeline

Brianna Crowley is a National Board Certified Teacher and the Director of Education and Training at Pennsylvania School Boards Association. She will share research from her colleague Dr. Heather Bennett, Director of Equity that shows both that suspension rates have dramatically increased since schools began widely adopting zero-tolerance policies and that these actions disproportionally affect students of color and students with disabilities.

Although research proves that harsh disciplinary procedures and zero-tolerance policies increase the likelihood that suspended students disengage, drop-out, and/or enter the prison system, positive interventions like the Restorative Justice model are shifting educators’ approach from a punitive system to one that is restorative. The benefits to our schools and to individual students are well-documented and inspiring.

View the archive of the conference session in which she shares some of the fundamental efforts to cut the school-to-prison pipeline and support equity and justice for all students, and in which she helps teachers practice crafting their own message for advocacy around Restorative Justice models and an end to the school-to-prison pipeline.

The Breakfast Club

Abdul Wright, Lisa Halloran, and Angela Homan have each helped ensure that breakfast remains the most important part of the day for their students. They’ve each adopted models from the nationwide Breakfast After the Bell initiative to bring equity to their school breakfast program.

Making breakfast available to all students—and serving it after the bell—allows eating breakfast to become part of school culture and ensures that no student or subset of student feels signaled out for getting the nutrition they deserve. But just as each school is different, the way each school implements Breakfast After the Bell is different.

View the archive of the conference session in which Abdul, Lisa, and Angela share why some kids skip breakfast, how to change your school breakfast program, and where you can go to find out more about the first steps of Breakfast After the Bell implementation.

Backtracking Apathy: Why Students Check Out and How We Can Check Them Back In

Chris Holmes, the 2014 Missouri State Teacher of the Year, is a teacher and a researcher. He spent the summer of 2018 listening – driving more than 8,000 miles through 14 states – interviewing students and collecting their stories on apathy and motivation.

His project, Backtracking Apathy, sheds light not only on what motivates adolescents – autonomy, connection, and competence – but also what high schools should be doing differently.

View the archive of the conference session in which Chris shares what he discovered by talking directly with young people across America. Find out what it means for teachers to know that “When kids say, “I don’t care,” what they’re really saying is, “You haven’t given me sufficient reason to care. You’re not talking my language. You’re not listening.””

Failure is the Key to Success

John Tierney is the 2016 Nevada Teacher of the Year, and not-by-coincidence an active bass player.

After spending decades in the classroom, one of his biggest and most disappointing changes has been watching students and teachers become afraid to take chances, behavior he sees first-hand that is stifling the creativity of schools.

View the archive of the conference session in which John challenges all learners to embrace failure as a positive force in the classroom. Participants will be asked to look at the classroom through the eyes and role of a bass player and to challenge themselves to expand the limitless abilities of their students.

Teaching Through Our Humanity

Sia Kyriakakos teaches in Baltimore city and is a 2017 National State Teacher of the Year Finalist. She was described by her principal as “an internationally award-winning artist who has sacrificed her personal ambitions to share her passion of art with students.”

She believes that we tap into our humanity through the arts, and that good teaching demands tapping into our experiences, and acknowledging and sharing our vulnerabilities.

View the archive of the conference session in which Sia share how she challenges, pushes, and celebrates her students so that they know that they are heard. “At the end of the day,” she says, “they need love to nurture their spirits and souls, and kindness and compassion to feel safe, respected and appreciated. We give them the attention they need. And we do it with our hearts.”

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