Creating a Group

Creating a Group

What is it?

In the TeachingPartners’ community, it’s easy for teachers to form groups to learn and problem-solve together. These virtual learning communities make it easy to find and learn together with teachers with the same interests—no matter where they are across the country.

TeachingPartners offers three kinds of Groups:

  • Public Groups, open for anyone to join
  • Private Groups, only for members who meet specific group requirements
  • Hidden Groups, invitation-only private groups that are not listed publicly

Why do I want this?

Groups enable you to engage with other educators who are active and involved in topics you care about. Whether you are looking to meet new people and grow your network or already are part of a group that just needs an online home, TeachingPartners Groups gives you an easy, convenient, accessible way to come together and collaborate with teachers like you.

Okay, I’m ready! How do I do it?

Creating a group is easy—just decide on the topic upon which your group will focus, define the type of group you want (public, private or hidden), and then sign up! You’ll be able to start adding members and having meetings right away.

Step One: Look to see if your group already exists

Select the GROUPS page from the main menu. This is a listing of all the groups in the TeachingPartners community.
Explore the groups by scrolling through them. Clicking on the name of the group opens the About page for that Group. If you see a group already focused on your topic, consider joining that instead of duplicating efforts.
If you don’t see anything similar, click the Create a Group button at the top of the page.

Step Two: Complete your Group Profile

Upload your group photo (this can be a symbol or logo or a photo of the Group’s founding members) and fill in the information fields. This is what community members see when they look at your Group Profile (unless you choose to have a hidden group). The fields noted with an asterisk are mandatory to complete; the other fields are optional.

Step Three: Save and Publish Your Group

Save your group information and publish your group by clicking the Save/Publish button at the bottom of the page. This is important. Your picture and information will not be saved unless you do this!

That’s it! Now you will automatically get notifications about the group’s activity on your MY PAGE news feed. You can also see all the Groups you belong to in the Groups tab in your Personal Profile.

Where do I go from here?

  • Check it out. Spend a little time exploring the features of your group. You can create meetings, add resources, invite members, and more.
  • Find Resources. Now that you have a group, you’ll want to share useful resources with your members. Try watching some of the Videos of Practice (link) related to your topic or reading Voices posts (link) that relate.
  • Still stuck? If you need more detailed help in following People and Organizations, watch our video tutorial here (embed) or download our step-by-step PDF guide here (link).