Dr. Vicki P

“While many are content to pat themselves on the back for identifying a problem in our school system, Dr. Phillips has the courage to take thoughtful action, be it popular or not, reflect on the results of said action, and the vision to change the course of action.”

~ Christopher Bronke, Co-founder, National Blogging Collaborative, High School English teacher, Downers Grove, IL

“Dr. Phillips knows teachers are the ones who make the difference in students’ lives. To that end, she fights to provide them with not only the physical resources they need, but also leads the effort to highlight the successes of teachers all around the country, in order to elevate teaching to an iconic profession – a profession that deserves the same respect and opportunities for growth as any other.”

~ Katrina Boone, Executive Director, Educators for High Standards/High School ELA teacher, Louisville, KY

“For me, and I believe for Dr. Phillips, her ability to make change happen is her greatest accomplishment. Dr. Phillips and her incredible team have been successful in starting a tremendous, nation-wide teacher network that has given us educators a place to share our best practices, get support for our areas of growth, and, more generally, know that we are not in this business alone.”

~ Susan Keyock, High School Special Education Teacher, New York City

Dr. Vicki P started her career as a special education teacher over 30 years ago.

As she went on to become a Principal, Superintendent and State Chief, she held on to the core belief that supporting teachers in their efforts to do their best work is the most important thing you can do to improve public education. When she went on to lead the education portfolio for the world’s largest philanthropy, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, she started by investing in teachers.

Having met with, learned from, and invested in teachers from all 50 states, few have the breadth and depth of experience in what is and is not effective in setting teachers, and therefore students, up for success.

In this next professional adventure, Dr. Vicki P is channeling her deep understanding of the challenges teachers face into TeachingPartners with the goal of putting teachers in charge of their own professional development. She is excited to co-create meaningful professional development that is a great use of their time and talent.

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