Just getting started at TeachingPartners?

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Here are some quick steps to get you going.

Step One:

See what all the talk is about, and find out what’s coming up.

Explore the up-to-the-minute roster of upcoming TeachingPartners Live Workshops and Collaboratives. Register and get ready to improve your practice and–if you choose–to receive professional learning credit for your efforts.

View Upcoming TeachingPartners Live Workshops and Collaboratives

TeachingPartners Live Workshops and Collaboratives make it possible for you to learn from the experts you trust most: other teachers. Register early to save your space in any of our  free, credit-bearing professional learning sessions by checking out the roster of upcoming TeachingPartners Live events.

View Past Workshops and Collaboratives

Can’t make a live Workshop or Collaborative? No problem; you can always review past TeachingPartners Live sessions–whenever and wherever you like, and as often as you like.


Step Two:

Personalize TeachingPartners to meet your needs.

Fine-tune your Personal Profile so others know who you are. Then choose the topics, people, and organizations you wish to follow in your own personalized News Feed.

Create Your Personal Profile

Your Personal Profile is your public presence and “face” in the TeachingPartners community.

Choose Topics of Interest to Follow

You can follow any of twelve Topics of Interest across the TeachingPartners community. Every time a TeachingPartners member shares news, an opinion, or an  idea within a Topic of Interest you’re following, you’ll see it immediately in your personal, customized News Feed. You’ll also up-to-the-minute updates from TeachingPartners, including invitations to workshops and collaboratives, virtual working groups, live presentations, and more!

Choose People & Organizations to Follow

You can also follow individuals and organizations that are part of the TeachingPartners community. Public posts and activities of every person or organization you follow are updated automatically within your customized News Feed.

Post News, Ideas, and Comments on Your Feed

Your News Feed is your custom “home page” that displays all the latest news from everyone and everything you are following in the TeachingPartners community. It is also where you can share info and post your own comments that will appear in the news feeds of anyone who is following you.


Step Three:

Join a group, or create one of your own.

Learn with teachers who share your professional interests–by joining an existing group or creating a group of your own. Either way, it’s easy to plug in and get support when you need it from teachers whose experience you can trust.

Join a Group

Join an existing TeachingPartners Group and get together with like-minded teachers who share your interests — no matter where they are across the country.

Create a Group

Want to lead a TeachingPartners Group of your own? It  takes just minutes to create a virtual space in which you can learn together with teachers who share your professional interests .

Step Four:

Have a resource or idea that can help another teacher? Need a quick answer to a Sunday-night question of your own?

Connect with teachers nationwide, add your voice to the conversation, or get a speedy reply.

Post a Blog or Comment in Voices

Share your perspective and experience with other teachers. Share a collaborative blog with everyone across the TeachingPartners community. Our “Voices” section is  a place to post longer, more developed ideas related to education than those you might post in your News Feed.

Ask a Question via TeacherTalk

Get a fast answer to a quick question. Visit TeacherTalk is the place to post–or review–focused questions and responses posted across the TeachingPartners community.