It takes seconds to create a place other teachers can join me, or to find teachers who share my interests.Michael Lindblad, a multicultural educator from Portland, Oregon

Create a Group

Want to connect on a specific topic or problem with other teachers?

It's easy to form a group to share, learn and problem-solve with other teachers. Virtual learning communities make it easy to gather with teachers with the same interests—no matter where they are across the country.

Use the fields below to create a group that other teachers can join.

When you create the group, you will be established as the “Group Manager.” Others can join your group by selecting the “Join Group” button in the upper right of your Group Page.

Need help? Check out Creating a New Group here.

Note: Fields whose headings are followed by an asterisk (*) must be completed when you create your group. Not every field is required, but it’s a good idea to be as complete as you can by providing information about the group and its goals; about the times you intend to meet and the manner in which you will share ideas; and about how you wish to be contacted by prospective members. (You can go back and modify this information at any time.)


Type a name for your group that immediately describes its purpose.

(This title will appear at the top of your Group Page and will be appear when teachers search for groups at TeachingPartners.)

Group Image

Choose and then add a file containing an image or logo for your group.

(Allowed file types: .jpg, .png. Maximum image size: 500KB)


Provide a more detailed description of your group and its goals.

(Use the box on the left to enter a heading that gets people’s attention; and use the box on the right to provide more information. You can add or remove as many sets of boxes as you like.)

Group Indexing

Select the specific Topics of Interest to which your group applies. Your group will be listed within each Topic of Interest you select. If appropriate, also select a grade level for your group.


TeachingPartners Public Groups are open to every TeachingPartners member. Create a Private group if you wish your new group to be open only to TeachingPartners members you personally invite.