Edcamp 101: Getting Started Organizing Your Own Edcamp!




Welcome to “Edcamp 101” for Edcamp organizers. Here, you can find most everything you need to get started hosting and organizing your own Edcamp.

If you’re thinking about organizing an Edcamp in your community and not sure what to expect, you’ll find a host of useful information and resources right here—including access to teachers from across the country who are eager to share with you everything they’ve learned from organizing their own successful Edcamp events.

How it Works

How does it work?

Follow this group to keep up-to-date about the Edcamp movement, and to collaborate with other group members to learn the ways you can organize and prepare for your own great Edcamp experience.

--Become a group member and meet other Edcamp organizers eager to help you get started with Edcamp basics.

--Add ideas to the group feed, and share comments and suggestions in real time.

--Broadcast a quick question, and get a quick answer with our group-focused TeacherTalk.

--Use the "resources" tab to share documents you think might help other Edcamp organizers.

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Join our online forum

We've posted lots of resources and links to get you started, but feel free--wherever you are--to ioin us Monday nights at 9 eastern/6 pacific for a welcoming conference call, where you can meet other EdCamp attendees, and learn from their experiences.

Get started with these resources

Want to know more about Edcamps? features all the essentials, including an updated listing of upcoming Edcamp events worldwide!

Here are five to get started:

1. Edcamps' Organizer Information Materials, the beginnings, from Edcamp

2. Request your own "Edcamp in a Box" directly from Edcamp, the essentials for getting started, direct from Edcamp

3. Edcamps' own Edcamp101 FAQ, Edcamp's frequently answered questions, all in one place

4. Edcamp's Webpage for Organizers, a great place to start

5. Edcamp's Homepage on the Web, the most trusted source for everything Edcamp