Workshop Workgroup: Encouraging student movement to improve to improve equity in the classroom



About this group

This workgroup is for teachers currently have enrolled in Marguerite Izzo's Workshop "Encouraging student movement to improve to improve equity in the classroom."

Teachers currently registered for this Workshop are invited to work with Margurite through each of her two scheduled Workshop sessions, and to stay connected to each other well after the Workshop concludes.

About the Workshop

Margurite's Workshop shares with teachers a classroom-tested strategy she recommends to improve outcomes for her students.

“It’s important," she says, "that we level the playing field for all of our students. I want to share with you how I bring better equity to my classroom.”

“I ensure that every child in my classroom has her or her best chance to learn by integrating physical movement into all our classroom routines, lessons, and activities. Regular movement helps students regulate their mood and improves their collaboration, cognition, and communication skills. It also helps equalize opportunities among students who enter the classroom with varying nutritional supports and emotional states.”

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