Workshop Workgroup: Increasing engagement by creating moments to hook student interest



About this group

This workgroup is for teachers currently enrolled in Beth Maloney's Workshop "Increasing engagement by creating moments to hook student interest."

Teachers currently registered for this Workshop are invited to work with Beth through each of her two scheduled Workshop sessions, and to stay connected to each other well after the Workshop concludes.

About the Workshop

“Without continuous engagement," Beth says, "students won’t learn anything at all. I’ve found that the best way to drive engagement is to plan and introduce deliberate moments in every lesson to hook their interest.

“The more I hook students’ interest about the learning I want them to engage in, the more I bridge the initial gap between them and the content they’re studying.

"I engage students by creating lesson hooks that ask them to call upon their physical senses and their personal experiences; help them integrate the real world within their learning, and highlight the relevance of their lesson to their own lives.

"The more I can hook students in these ways, the more engaged they become in their own learning.”