Workshop Workgroup: Using Genius Hour to make school relevant, meaningful, and challenging for kids.


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  1. Sarah Clibourne

    This is the first full webinar I have been able to attend with teaching partners. What do I need to do in order to get the PD hours that were mentioned? If no one knows, no worries. Thanks.


  2. Rebecca Mieliwocki

    Here is a student created scoring rubric for you to use when it’s time to review the presentations. We had 3 people per presentation scoring: a parent, a classmate, and me. I averaged the three scores for the final grade AND allowed do-overs for any student that just didn’t quite make it.Download Attachment


  3. Rebecca Mieliwocki

    Here are some basic documents you can use to create a student booklet for your kids or to familiarize yourself with the kinds of things you can create to kick off Genius Hour.Download Attachment