Workshop Workgroup: Using Twitter to encourage students’ interaction during reading



About this group

This workgroup is for teachers currently have enrolled in Christopher Bronke's Workshop "Using Twitter to encourage students’ interaction during reading."

Teachers currently registered for this Workshop are invited to work with Christopher through each of his two scheduled Workshop sessions, and to stay connected to each other well after the Workshop concludes.

About the Workshop

Christopher's Workshop shares with teachers a classroom-tested strategy he recommends to improve outcomes for his students.

“Traditionally," Christopher says, "students annotations are a “one-way conversation” between the student and a piece of paper. Twitter provides an opportunity for students to interact with each in the reading process.

“I use Twitter to help make the text-marking and annotation process a social activity for students. First, instead of text-marking or annotating their book, students tweet their comment to our class hashtag. They can then interact on Twitter and learn from each other by clarifying points of confusion. Then I read through the class Twitter feed to see what students are struggling with and what have they already mastered. I get real-time insight on the students’ understanding. Not only does this speed up my feedback turn-around time, I can drive what’s happening in the process.

"One of the additional benefits of this approach is the community it creates. Kid’s interaction outside of class fosters a better environment within the classroom. Students feel like they know each other better, and when it works best, every kid feels valued and wants to participate.”

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