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At TeachingPartners we know that teachers want time to pursue the professional learning they find valuable--time to connect, collaborate and problem solve with their colleagues, and time to learn and to practice the teaching skills they are working to develop.

They want time to see how other expert teachers teacher, and they want time to get feedback and the chance to continue getting instruction and guidance as they progress from early understanding to expert mastery.

And, just as important: they want their professional learning to count. They want credit from their districts, and recognition from their schools and from other teachers for engaging in professional learning that makes them better in ways they can feel in the classroom and see in their students

That's why this summer we're sharing the first set of TeachingPartners Workshops and TeachingPartners Learning Progressions. We invite teachers to take part in these first offerings and to make suggestions about how we can improve them. That's also why we're coordinating with school districts to ensure that teachers get traditional professional development credit for the learning experiences TeachingPartners delivers.

And still, there remains much more to do. And that’s where you come in.

We want your help shaping TeachingPartners' efforts at creating professional learning that counts--for both school districts and individual teachers.

Please join our TeachingPartners "Delivering Learning that Counts" working group.

We'd love to know what you think we can do to most effectively help and support teachers as they improve their practice.

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This group is just one way that we're directly asking teachers for their thoughts and guidance as we prepare to officially launch TeachingPartners this fall.

Check out our ongoing conversation about our community, led by Dr.VickiP, and--in addition to this working group--please considering taking part in our TeachingPartners "Shaping our Growing Community" and "Sharing and Showcasing Great Teaching" working groups.

Your energy and ideas are very much welcome!

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