TeachingPartners: Sharing and Showcasing Great Teaching



About this group

At TeachingPartners we believe that teachers are the most powerful force we have in this country for improving schools.

That's why beginning this summer we're introducing something new--something for which teachers have long advocated: personalized, teacher-driven professional learning deliberately designed with teachers' recommendations and interests in mind.

We're making it possible for teachers to learn from the experts they trust most: other teachers; for teachers to learn together with knowledgeable motivated colleagues who can suggest practical strategies they can try immediately; and for teachers to personalize their learning outcomes by determining for themselves how and when they learn.

We’re we’re growing. But there remains much more to do. And that’s where you come in.

We want your help shaping the ways in which TeachingPartners shares great teaching and showcases great teachers.

Please join our TeachingPartners "Sharing and Showcasing Great Teaching" working group.

We'd love to know what you think we can do most to help teachers come together--with each other and with great professional learning organizations--to support the profession we all love.

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This group is just one way we're asking teachers for their thoughts and guidance as we prepare for the official TeachingPartners launch this fall.

Check out our ongoing conversation about our community, led by Dr.VickiP, and--in addition to this working group--please considering taking part in our TeachingPartners "Shaping our Growing Community" and "Delivering Learning that Counts" working groups.

Your energy and ideas are very much welcome!

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