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Over the years, CTQ has been dedicated to teachers and their roles in improving education. We've also learned that even the most exceptional teachers can't make big changes alone. Meaningful change requires collaboration among teachers, administrators, and system leaders.

When educators in diverse role share stories of their impact on students and classrooms, they pave the way for others to adopt new and more effective practices of teaching and leading. That's why we have the CTQCollab — a learning space powered by TeachingPartners and dedicated to exploring your stories of change.

Since CTQ's initial support of a virtual community of practice for teachers in 2003 (known then as TLN), we've developed specialized communities for a variety of stakeholders to learn from one another. In doing so, we realized the power of "networking the networked" and have designed CTQCollab to accomplish the goal of connecting teachers, administrators, and other stakeholders to spread expertise and learning across their learning communities.


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