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Our vision is simple! To provide an innovative form of professional development for educators in order to improve job satisfaction, increase workforce retention, and impact student learning.

Anyone interested in education is welcome to attend. Edcamps are professional development opportunities that are created by teachers for teachers, but all people who are stakeholders in education are welcome. If you're a teacher, administrator, education student, or simply someone with a genuine interest in teaching and learning, please join us.

No matter which Edcamp you attend, you can connect to Edcamp attendees everywhere in this online Edcamp group.

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How does it work?

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Want to know more about Edcamps? features all the essentials, including an updated listing of upcoming Edcamp events worldwide!

Here are five to get started:

1. Edcamps' Organizer Information Materials, the beginnings, from Edcamp

2. Request your own "Edcamp in a Box" directly from Edcamp, the essentials for getting started, direct from Edcamp

3. Edcamps' own Edcamp101 FAQ, Edcamp's frequently answered questions, all in one place

4. Edcamp's Webpage for Organizers, a great place to start

5. Edcamp's Homepage on the Web, the most trusted source for everything Edcamp

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