Kristoffer Kohl

Professional Biography

Prior to joining CTQ, Kristoffer served as a Teach for America corps member in the Las Vegas Valley, teaching fifth grade and completing a master’s degree in Elementary Curriculum and Instruction at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. He also worked in a hybrid teaching role as a writing instructor and data strategist to provide school staff with assessment results to inform instruction and intervention. A native of California, Kristoffer earned degrees in business economics and law and society while attending the University of California, Santa Barbara. He earned National Board Certification (Middle Childhood Generalist) in 2016.

Partner Organizations

CTQ brings educators and school system leaders together to improve public education for every student and has spent the last two decades delivering on a vision for a better educational system. We've worked with thousands of teachers, administrators, and system leaders nationwide, listening to and learning from their experiences, then collaborating with them to create solutions that work.

From research that helps inform innovative best practices and personalized teacher education, to connec...

Professional Organizations

National Board Certified Teacher (Middle Childhood Generalist)

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