Molly Robbins


English Teacher/Instructional Coach


9, 10, 11, 12


English Language Arts


Cherokee Trail High School
Aurora, 80016


The incredible teachers who work in my building
Chris Bronke
Lisa Hollenbach
Brad Clark
Elyse Eidman-Aadahl
Tanya Baker
Rachel Bear
National Writing Project
National Blogging Collaborative

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Professional Biography

Molly began her teaching in Peace Corps Nepal. She came to develop a passion around the idea that education can save the world. She took this idea to the inner city of Phoenix where she taught at a charter school for at-risk youth downtown. From here, she and her husband moved to Denver, Molly's hometown.
In Denver, she has taught both middle school and high school English at all levels. She began teaching at Cherokee Trail High School in the fall of 2006, and has developed curriculum for an intervention course for writers as well as an American Literature Honors course to facilitate more students to take Advanced Placement courses.
She has been the instructional coach at Cherokee Trail for the last two years. She not only coaches teachers and helps new teachers acclimate to her school, but she began an innovative program to facilitate more teachers to develop leadership from the classroom. This program has created a more collaborative environment at Cherokee Trail where more teachers have a voice in creating quality learning for all students.

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About the National Blogging Collaborative

National Blogging Collaborative (NBC) is a free service created for teachers, by teachers in an effort to get more educators contributing their voices to the national education narrative.
Since October, 2014, NBC has been cultivating and supporting the capacity of all educators to use their unique voice to elevate the craft of teaching and learning. NBC’s founders have been supporting and encouraging teachers to write - write with each other, writ...

Professional Organizations

National Blogging Collaborative, National Council of Teachers of English, Learning Forward, ASCD

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