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When educators share stories of the impact they have on students and classrooms, they pave the way for others to adopt new and more effective ways of teaching and leading. That’s why we are launching the CTQCollab — a learning space powered by TeachingPartners and dedicated to exploring stories of impact.

Since CTQ’s initial support of a virtual community of practice for teachers in 2003 (known then as Teacher Leaders Network/TLN), we have developed specialized platforms for a variety of stakeholders to learn with and from one another. In doing so, we realized the power of “networking the networked” and have designed CTQCollab to accomplish this goal of connecting teachers, administrators, and other stakeholders to spread their expertise across networks.


With Digital Promise, CTQ gives teachers the power to choose their own professional learning.

CTQ Micro-credentials are grouped into stacks of related topics, which teachers can choose to explore based on their interests and needs. We offer four stacks, each supported by dynamic curricula developed together with veteran educators.

VCO Showcase

Meet Ernie Rambo, One of TeachingPartners’ Virtual Community Organizers

Did you know that CTQ has personally trained and organized the virtual community organizers at the heart of TeachingPartners? Meet them all, and then join their communities of interest to be part of the conversation.

Teacher-powered learning environments

Structuring teacher leadership roles and 21st century learning environments

CTQ has a long history of facilitating future-oriented, teacher-powered learning environments and cultivating hybrid roles, such as teacherpreneurs. Find out how you can be the center of your own teacher-powered learning environment.

Stories of Impact

Choosing Yes: A Path to Teacher Leadership

For Florida teacher Glenna Sigmon, the past year has been an adventure full of growth and opportunity. By saying “yes” to taking part in the Florida Teacher Leader Fellowship, attending a storytelling retreat hosted by CTQ, and accepting a position as an instructional coach at Chester A. Moore Elementary School, Glenna is making a positive impact on the 560 students and 25 teachers within her school.

CTQ Blog

Hiring Black teachers only solves part of the problem, by Val Brown

The racial beliefs, stereotypes, and biases held by educators have consequences for students. We have to stop trying to avoid doing the work of dealing with implicit bias and racism within our midst. However, hiring Black teachers solves only part of this problem.


New CTQ Groups

CTQ on TeachingPartners added three new groups this week, each brings together teachers who have recently completed CTQ training in their schools and districts. Check out CTQ’s new virtual communities for teachers of…