Learning is Open


Learning is Open is provides educational products and services to encourage and promote authentic, connected, and open learning experiences. We work with a variety of organizations and cultural institutions, like museums, to create and package activities that teachers can use at school and that young people can take part in outside of school.

Learning is Open:

  • Cultivates partner networks and supports them with the editorial and technical resources they need to package their work in ways that teachers and young people can use inside and out of school;
  • Develops and supports “open source” technology, digital products, and learning content;
  • Publishes educational and support materials, our own and 3rd party apps, and allows our users to self-publish their own as well;
  • Supports teachers and schools with professional development, workshops, and consulting;
  • Produces camps and events that allow everyone to experience our services in the form of professional development and workshops.

We proudly feature our Learning is Open podcast each week at TeachingPartners

Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself. Dewey knew it. Teachers know it. We know it. Let the world in.