Literacy Design Collaborative


Literacy Design Collaborative (LDC) is a proven blended-learning approach that bolsters teacher performance and gets measurable student results.

LDC is not an initiative, it’s a backward-design process for doing the things that most schools are trying to do—greatly impact student achievement; increase teacher skills and efficacy; raise the rigor of assessments and instruction; and create alignment between curriculum, instruction, and assessment. Through LDC, expert coaches help teachers develop expertise, which results in increased student achievement. Likewise, these expert coaches support administrators in improving the system.

We believe that despite the surmounting challenges educators across the country face in delivering a quality education to every child, with the right support, teachers can recognize and teach quality assignments, assignments that lift the curriculum and build capacity. We believe that if you aren’t seeing equity in your schools from the outside in (in economic access, in resources, etc.), you can start building equity from the inside out.

"LDC offers an exceptional collection of practical and proven tools, templates, and instructional procedures to promote deep and authentic learning. I wholeheartedly recommend LDC to teachers, schools, and districts." -Jay McTighe, co-author, Understanding by Design

What We Do

High Quality Coaching & Mentorship

LDC develops its expert coaches to support teachers and administrators with curriculum alignment that results in system-wide student achievement.

Flexible, Accessible Online Tools & Resources

LDC’s online libraries of standards-aligned tasks and instructional plans, curriculum-development tools, and other resources are flexible and easy to use.

Work-Embedded Professional Learning Experiences

LDC provides blended learning experiences that are aligned to the actual instructional cycles that teachers engage in.