Southern Regional Education Board


For more than 30 years, the Southern Regional Education Board (SREB) has partnered with states, districts and schools to identify and implement strategies that empower young people to put what they learn in the classroom to work in the real world.

Our efforts began in 1987 with High Schools That Work (HSTW), SREB’s premier school improvement design. HSTW is a proven, comprehensive approach to creating learning environments that empower youth to identify their goals, earn credentials and degrees, and embark on careers.

Since 1987, we’ve continuously refined the HSTW design and our related school improvement services. Individually, these services address specific needs and areas. When adopted as part of the HSTW design, they represent a complete, multi-faceted approach to school improvement.

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What SREB offers schools

SREB’s approach to school improvement helps schools prepare students for college and careers by:

  • aligning instruction with grade-level college- and career-readiness standards.
  • connecting classroom learning with real-world problems.
  • using instructional time to meet students’ unique needs.
  • empowering teachers to co-plan instruction and assignments within and across disciplines.
  • offering developmentally appropriate career exploration.
  • personalizing learning to reflect students’ interests.
  • accelerating credential and degree attainment.

What makes SREB different

SREB is trusted. Thousands of schools have used HSTW to transform teaching and learning. SREB’s school improvement frameworks and curricula reflect the higher levels of academic, technical, technological and personal skills required for college and career success.

SREB has deep expertise in policy. SREB can help you meet federal guidelines for accountability, well-rounded academic and technical studies, career guidance and counseling, and teacher preparation and development.

SREB consultants help states design career pathways that align with requirements in the Perkins Act and Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act.

SREB is affordable. SREB is a nonprofit, and many of our school improvement services can be offered through grant funding at no cost to districts or schools.

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“All students can succeed when the whole school comes together to create rich, connected learning experiences that help students find a sense of purpose for their studies and their lives.” — Gene Bottoms, Senior Vice President, SREB