At TeachingPartners, we believe that when we offer teachers the support they need to get better, we activate the most potent force we have for improving schools.

Teachers know exactly what they need to improve outcomes for their students and grow in their profession. They want to learn from the experts they trust most – other teachers who have faced the same challenges they face and who have solved them. They want to learn from colleagues like them who are in the classroom, teachers who know their subject area and who can suggest practical strategies they can try tomorrow. They want access to ongoing, high quality professional learning that is carefully aligned to rubrics and feedback they respect. They want credit for engaging in new kinds of professional learning – learning that makes them better in ways they can feel in the classroom and see in their students.

Teachers also want time to pursue professional learning they find valuable – time to connect, collaborate, and problem-solve with their colleagues, and time to learn and to practice the teaching skills they are working to develop. They also want time to see how other expert teachers teach — the opportunity to watch a video, to read an article, to try an approach and then refine it. And they want time to get feedback, and to keep getting instruction and guidance as they progress from early understanding to expert mastery.

At TeachingPartners, we’re doing everything we can to meet these aims. And we’re doing so in a way that energizes teachers and empowers them to take charge of their own learning.

We’re creating a big, generous, professional community.

To begin, we’re creating a big, generous, teacher-powered community—one that will be underpinned by sustained in person and on demand training. TeachingPartners members can share ideas, help each other out, reduce their sense of isolation, get answers to pressing questions, and engage in high quality, relevant, classroom-tested learning from experts they trust. They can explore videos of great teaching, hear the secrets of the best teachers, and read the practical ideas and suggestions of our bloggers and columnists. And, they can learn together with colleagues from their own school or from across the country. 

At the heart of TeachingPartners are twelve Topics of Interest that help teachers as they develop and sustain the essential professional practices they need most. Teachers can decide for themselves the Topics they wish to follow— in so doing joining with peers and experts in learning communities that address everything from tackling everyday classroom challenges, to impacting and engaging students, to enlisting and aligning school stakeholders, to building their career and strengthening their profession.

We’re sharing great teaching, and showcasing great teachers.

TeachingPartners Classes deliver experience-driven, teacher-led instruction to teachers. Live and video-based classes present an individual strategy developed, tested, and offered by a nationally recognized classroom teacher who has mastered the most important challenges of teaching and who already has a following among his or her colleagues. TeachingPartners members can choose from more than 100 video-based classes that provide classroom-tested strategies they can use right away in their classrooms. They can also take part in online webinars that share the approaches of great teachers, nationally-known educators, and many exemplary learning organizations.

TeachingPartners Classes are free, available on video at any time and via live webinars that teachers can join on their own schedule. Very soon, we’ll connect these Classes to the growing library of micro-credentials established just for teachers. Doing so will ensure that teachers can see—and share—the expertise they need to earn this new, growing form of professional accreditation.

We’re delivering professional learning that counts.

We’re also coordinating with school districts to ensure that teachers get more traditional professional development credit for the learning experiences TeachingPartners helps deliver. Working jointly with respected universities, we will soon offer course credit for teachers who complete our own TeachingPartners Learning Progressions.

We’re particularly excited about our Learning Progressions, which will be available in full force this fall. Learning Progressions share the classroom-tested strategies of teachers, and present the skills, knowledge, and dispositions teachers need most to be effective. They are drawn from research, correlated to evaluation feedback, and aligned with expressed teacher demands.

Designed to be explored individually while part of a larger learning cohort, they help teachers move from novice to expert in the most common challenges they face – challenges like student engagement, classroom management, writing instruction, and teaching students to think critically.

We’re just starting, but already we’re amazed.

What we’re starting is new, but simple

Teachers are not just teaching students. They’re teaching each other in ways that deliver power, support, and expertise to their colleagues. We believe that when that happens, the power of great teachers has the potential to elevate the whole profession.


Welcome to TeachingPartners. We're glad you're part of our big, generous community where teachers can share ideas, help each other out, reduce their sense of isolation, and get answers from experts they trust: other teachers.