This week’s National Blogging Collaborative webinar is focused on social media in PD. What times and days do you think work best to engage and learn on social media?

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  1. Lisa Hollenbach

    I believe they will be recorded for posterity and posted on Teaching Partners. Please reach out with your thoughts or any questions you have after you have a chance to watch.


  2. Mark Nieker

    I can’t wait. Will I be able to see your presentation if I can’t be there Tuesday night?


  3. Lisa Hollenbach

    That makes complete sense and it is true in some cases and on some platforms; however, the most active times for teachers on social media – on most platforms – is during the week in the evening. Pinterest and Instagram have the most weekend activity. We will share a really helpful infographic on Tuesday night to better spell out the times and days teachers can get the greatest return on their investment with regard to social media engagement.


  4. Adam Ray

    It seems like a lot of teacher get a little time on the weekends…