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The National Network of State Teachers of the Year (NNSTOY) works in community with other teachers to build the profession and improve teaching.

NNSTOY’s teacher-driven Fellowships bring State Teachers of the Year and Finalists together into year-long relationships with other teachers to explore solutions to important challenges in education. Together, Fellows develop and share classroom-tested strategies that promote students’ social and emotional learning, further and improve STEM education, prepare strong teaching candidates, and better support and retain great Black male educators.

In the coming months, NNSTOY will share the outcomes of these Fellowships in a series of TeachingPartners Live Collaboratives. Each Collaborative extends the investigation begun in each Fellowship by giving more teachers the chance to work together and learn from each other in ways that improve outcomes for students and for themselves.

NNSTOY Collaboratives on TeachingPartners Live take place on Wednesday nights, beginning in early February and extending throughout the Spring, 2018

Dyane Smokorowski, the 2013 Kansas State Teacher of the Year, hosts two collaboratives specifically focused on strategies for promoting effective STEM instruction.

  • Design Thinking for STEM Educators begins February 7 and concludes February 14, and introduces the impact that “design thinking” has had in many STEM classrooms and explores the ways in design thinking can be applied to STEM learning, no matter the learning context.
  • Tips for Engaging STEM Students in Effective Digital Research begins April 4 and concludes April 11, and explores strategies for scaffolding students’ search for high-quality external STEM research and resources.

Megan Olivia Hall, the 2013 Minnesota State Teacher of the Year, hosts two collaboratives specifically focused on strategies for supporting and scaffolding students’s dsocial and emotional learning:

  • Furthering Social and Emotional Learning begins February 28 and concludes March 7, and explores the practical classroom strategies that result from research from the Collaborative for Social and Emotional Learning (CASEL). This research highlights the ways in which students’ confidence and efficacy blossoms when they learn how to understand and regulate strong feelings, observe and connect with others, and make responsible decisions.
  • Embedded SEL Instruction begins April 11 and concludes April 18, and explores strategies for leveraging the same Collaborative for Social and Emotional Learning (CASEL) research to catapult SEL instructional techniques into mainstream and into content-based classrooms.

Joshua Parker, the 2012 Maryland State Teacher of the Year, hosts two collaboratives specifically focused on the key ideas and experiences that members of NNSTOY’s Black Male Fellowship have developed as a group.

  • The Black Male Educator: Stories, Struggles, and Successesbegins March 14 and concludes March 21, and invites participants to co-develop common practices and approaches based on their collective shared experience.
  • Strategies and Solutions for Success begins April 25 and concludes May 2, and synthesizes many of the strategies and approaches presented during the first Black Male Educator Collaborative in ways designed to help participants and their students thrive.

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