CTQCollab Presents “Stories of Impact”

Discover CTQ's step-by-step approach to documenting and sharing your professional leadership.

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CTQ and TeachingPartners are helping teachers document and share their “Stories of Impact”

Teachers will tell you that, like their students, they learn best from the shared experience of others. Discovering the moments that shaped another’s personal journey; listening to a story of change told in an authentic voice; hearing directly about someone’s struggles and how they were overcome; understanding the genuine impact that comes about through deliberate change—these details lead to understanding and to inspiration.

The positive impact of a personal story is especially true when teachers’ share the stories of the hard-won achievements within their profession. Every great teacher has a story that demonstrates the personal power of teaching. But too often these stories remain untold. Teachers fear that sharing their professional challenges and successes will leave them vulnerable, or make them appear boastful. Some don’t feel confident about their ability to share what they know and have experienced. As a result, many stories we hear about teachers taking steps to make a difference in their profession are exaggerated narratives of great success or great failure—stories told not by teachers themselves but by people who don’t share their experience in the classrooms, or even in the profession.

CTQ and TeachingPartners have launched a new teacher-driven campaign that gives voice to the positive power teachers have in shaping their professional practice. Together, we are inviting teachers to document their stories of professional impact. We believe that sharing more fully the ways in which teachers make positive changes in their classrooms, their schools, and their communities can shine a light on the many ways teachers lead within their profession. We believe sharing these stories of impact will help teachers become better partners with administrators, parents, and students, and that together we can advance what it means to be a teacher inside and outside the classroom.

The “Stories of Impact” campaign showcases teachers’ true power to create positive change in their profession and encourages other teachers to do the same. To ensure that as many teachers as possible can take part in this campaign, we’re already helping teachers to develop and share their stories:

  • We’re developing powerful examples of professional impact. We’re inviting teachers to share their Stories of Impact via TeachingPartners. Then, in June 2018, the creators of 15 powerful stories will be invited to a special Summer Storytelling Workshop in New Orleans, Louisiana. At the Workshop, participants will record their stories with professional film producers so that they can share them broadly when school resumes. Teachers invited to take part will receive a stipend for their efforts as well as free travel, lodging, and attendance at the three-day workshop. They’ll also be showcased in the upcoming Stories of Impact social media campaign. Read below for how to join us!
  • We’re bringing teachers together. We’re inviting teachers to share their experiences and their Stories of Impact at the CTQCollab. In fact, every teacher who registers at TeachingPartners is automatically enrolled in a working group designed to help teachers share their stories of impact. This group will be led by CTQ virtual community organizers and staff, who together will provide support and conduct regular workshop sessions that help teachers showcase, develop, and share their own stories of impact.
  • We’re helping teachers tell their stories. We’re inviting teachers to learn concrete strategies for shaping and sharing their stories of impact. Throughout the remainder of the 2017-2018 school year, CTQ’s virtual community organizers are free, credit-bearing, TeachingPartners Live Collaboratives that help teachers bring their stories of impact to life. Each CTQ Collaborative brings teachers step-by-step through another part of CTQ’s curriculum for documenting and sharing teachers’ professional leadership. Participants are encouraged to take part in as many Collaboratives as they like—and can apply what they learned toward receiving a Certificate of Participation and earning a micro-credential from CTQ.