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Discover CTQ's step-by-step approach to documenting and sharing your professional leadership.

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Earning a Micro-Credential from CTQ

Developing the skills to share your story of impact can be a transforming experience—one that helps you to document your own professional development and to better advocate for the policies you believe in. Now, thanks to CTQ you can verify the successful implementation of these skills with a micro-credential you can share with your school or district.

Teachers who complete any (or all!) of the Workshops that comprise this TeachingPartners Live Collaborative are eligible to receive a Certificate of Completion direct from TeachingPartners—one that documents six hours of active participation in each TeachingPartners Live Workshop you complete.

You can also use what you learn in the workshops that comprise this TeachingPartners Live Collaborative to create a piece of writing that you believe has the potential to influence others—other teachers you know, faculty and administrators, and stakeholders outside the education community.

To apply to the Center for Teaching Quality to receive a micro-credential that affirms your ability to create a document that can influence one or more of these audiences, you need only to successfully complete the following:

  • Respond to two overview questions, designed to help CTQ understand the specific aims of your writing.
  • Provide evidence of your writing—something you’ve written to influence colleagues, administrators, or people outside of education—within the past 24 months.
  • Reflect on the aims and outcomes of your efforts.

The detailed requirements for this application are presented within the Requirements tab as part of this collaborative. Download the corresponding PDF to explore even more fully what’s required to receive your micro-credential.

When you’re ready, send your submission to us at We’ll confirm receipt right away and share your submission with CTQ, to be considered based on the rubric presented in the PDF referenced above.