Earning a “Writing to Influence People Outside of the Education Community” Micro-credential

Kristoffer Kohl, of the Center for Teaching Quality, shares how you can earn CTQ's "Writing to Influence People Outside of the Education Community" Micro-credential

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Writing to Influence People Outside of the Education Community

The people at the Center for Teaching Quality know that writing is a powerful medium for influencing people outside of the education community. They know that research has shown that the majority of Americans have “trust and confidence in teachers” (PDK/Gallup 2014), and they believe that teachers should leverage the public’s confidence to advocate for policies that support best practices in the classroom and across the school system.

In this TeachingPartners Live Collaborative, I make use of all the Center for Teaching Quality knows and all I have learned personally to help teachers get their personal narratives on public schools and teaching beyond the echo chamber of other teachers. I believe that educators need to do more than preach to the choir if the transformations for which they advocate are to be realized.

I facilitate participants’ development of a plan first for authoring content, then for engaging editors at publishing outlets to reach mass audiences, and finally for navigating editorial relationships in order to get published.

To make the most of this archived webinar, take a moment to take a look at materials collected here at the working group established for our workshop. And while you’re here, take a minute now to add a post to the Workgroup Feed. You post will be shared with me but also with other teachers who have viewed this webinar in an effort to improve their practice. Our Workgroup Feed keeps workshop participants connected via real-time summary of ideas, suggestions, and resources unique to our workshop.

And, although I believe that the practices I am presenting are great skills for every teacher to have to advocate for the policies he or she believes in, thanks to the Center for Teaching Quality it is also possible for you to earn a micro-credential for your participation in this TeachingPartners Live Collaborative. Check out the other tabs on this page to find out more about how you can earn a micro-credential that verifies the skills discussed in this Collaborative.


Prior to joining CTQ, Kristoffer served as a Teach for America corps member in the Las Vegas Valley, teaching fifth grade and completing a master’s degree in Elementary Curriculum and Instruction at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. He also wor... Full Bio