Earning a “Writing to Influence Policymakers” Micro-credential

Wendi Pillars, of the Center for Teaching Quality, shares how you can earn a CTQ's "Writing to Influence Policy Makers" Micro-credential

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Earning a Micro-Credential from the Center for Teaching Quality
Although I believe that the practices I am presenting are great skills for every teacher to have to advocate for the policies he or she believes in, thanks to the Center for Teaching Quality it is also possible for you to earn a micro-credential for your participation in this TeachingPartners Live Collaborative. In fact, even if you missed this Collaborative when it happened, you can still earn professional learning credit you can share with your school or district by demonstrating. your competency in this practice. To demonstrate your competency first view the archived webinar here at TeachingPartners and then use what you learn to create a piece of writing that you believe has the potential to influence local or national policy makers. Then, you can apply to the Center for Teaching Quality to receive your micro-credential by submitting a document in which you:
  • Respond to two overview questions, designed to help CTQ understand the specific aims of your writing.
  • Provide evidence of your writing—something you’ve written to influence colleagues within the past 24 months.
  • Reflect on the aims and outcomes of your efforts.
The detailed requirements for this application are presented within the Requirements tab as part of this workgroup. Download this PDF, Requirements for Writing to Influence Policy Makers, to explore even more fully what’s required to receive your micro-credential for this practice. When you’re ready, send you submission to us at We’ll confirm receipt right away and share your submission with the Center of Teaching Quality, which will consider it based on the rubric presented in the PDF referenced above.