Allow multiple pathways to learning by incorporating universal design that is inclusive and accessible for all students.

by Stacey Todd

All Grades


I’ve adopted a student-centered approach to instruction called universal design. Universal design takes a holistic approach to developing curriculum and measuring student comprehension and performance.

There are three basic tenets. You must develop:

-Multiple means of representing curriculum, such as visuals and tactile experiences so that all students can access it;

-Multiple ways of engaging students in the curriculum so that they have choices that match up with their own styles of learning; and

-Multiple ways that students can present or express what they understand, for example, a written test, an oral exam, an art project, or a digital artifact.

These three tenets – representation, engagement, and expression keep students invested, involved and respected as individuals in my classroom.

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As a professional development coordinator, Stacey provides a variety of professional development opportunities for special educators throughout the...

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