Empower students’ intrinsic motivation by introducing vocabulary, data analysis, text-to-self strategies, and drama-based instruction.

by Kimberly Worthy

Grades 3-5, Grades 6-8, Grades 9-12

In this series of videos, I invite participants to candidly and honestly explore how the preconceptions we may have about students is unfairly limiting to them as people and as learners.

Part One: Introduction

In part one of the workshop, I invite participants to consider how to motivate students intrinsically. We begin with a short reading then focus on some key words from the text.

Part Two: The Power of Words

In part two of the workshop, we examine how the key words are represented in the text we read. Then the group examines the presumptions it makes about students and how that might unfairly limit them.

Part Three: Private Reflection

In part three of the workshop, participants do a private reflection about their own preconceptions about students.