Creating a question-driven K-5 Classroom by incorporating “Quick Questioning” activities throughout the school day.

by Jeanne Muzi

Grades K-2, Grades 3-5

In these videos, I explore with my students how the brain works and what makes a good question. We do some memory activities, make inferences about a painting, and play a guessing game that requires good questioning in order to determine what is inside a box.

The Brain Is...

In this video, I talk with my students about the brain – what it does, how it works, and how good thinkers have to use their five senses. Then we start the Memory Challenge.

Good Thinkers = Great Questioners

In this video, I ask students to look at a painting and make inferences about what the artist is interested in. Then we talk about the importance of asking good questions. Finally, I ask students to “notice” or “wonder” something about an object.

What Makes a Good Question?

In this video, we explore what makes a question a “good” question. Then I ask students to ask questions about an object that I have hidden in a box in order to determine what it is.