Creating your own instructional videos so that students can learn from you directly—wherever they are, whenever they are able.

by Daniele Massey

Grades 9-12


In this presentation, I describe the benefits of creating videos for students to give them more ownership over their learning. I create instructional videos for my 9th grade algebra students that enable them to come to class prepared to build on what they’ve learned by watching them. In addition to making it possible for her students to learn key concepts and approaches for the first time in advance of class, these videos also allow me to maximize classroom time and to act more often as a learning facilitator than a direct instructor.


What I did well…

Students are at the center of the learning.  I want them to learn the content in the best way possible and I don’t allow the content to dictate the process.  I also think that I looked at the other stakeholders involved, such as parents, substitute teachers, and paraprofessionals to provide tools to help with the students’ learning without being dependent on me as the teacher.

What I would do more or differently…

I would share more about the process to build the website.  The process took 3 years to get to a point where I felt like I could say I reached “success”.  There were many points of success along the way, but it wasn’t until I let go of trying to control the content that I created the space for the students to own the learning.

I still want to grow this practice by…

I would incorporate the student’s voice in the learning process. I would like to utilize the tools students’ use, such as social media tools (snapchat, Facebook Live) to incorporate real time learning and dialogue.  Students are using technology everyday in everything they do, therefore it is important to try to incorporate it into the learning.  The challenge is to stay on top of it and not feel like creating videos using one method versus another is wasted time.  I will continue to challenge myself to ask “how do I continue to create space for students to take ownership?” I will not focus on the logistics.

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