Cultivating students’ critical thinking skills by helping students to understand the ways in which words and phrases are used and refined throughout a text or event.

by Jeanne DelColle

Grades 9-12

In this set of videos, I lead participants through an exploration of the meaning of words and how they change over time and in different contexts.

Part One: Introduction

In part one of the workshop, I describe the importance of understanding the meaning of words in order to understand context.

Part Two: How Words Change in Text

In part two of the workshop, I examine how words can change in a text. Participants are asked to use a text by G.K. Chesterton to see how the author changes his definition of success as the story progresses.

Part Three: Creating Value

In part three of the workshop, I asks participants to create a government for their own island. They are then given ten values that guide that government. Participants are challenged to rank and define those values.