Develop personal relationships with students to better connect them to deep learning experiences beyond the classroom.

by Andrew Frishman

Grades 9-12


Big Picture Learning designs innovative learning environments, researches and replicates new models for learning, and trains educators to serve as leaders in their schools and communities.

Andrew Frishman completed a Doctoral degree in the Education Leadership Program (EdLD 2014) at Harvard Graduate School of Education, the Harvard Kennedy School, and Harvard Business School and joined the leadership team of Big Picture Learning in 2013. He is currently the Co-Executive Director.

In this presentation, Andrew elaborates on the centerpiece of Big Picture’s approach to education: developing sustained and deep personal relationships with students in order to better understand what drives them as learners and what motivates them to do their best work.

About Andrew Frishman

In the spring of 2002 Andrew heard a high school student describe his unique transformational learning experiences at The Met High School in Provid...

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