Encouraging students to “write to learn,” discovering what they think, what they know, and what they have yet to master.

by Julie Lima Boyle

Grades 9-12

In this videos, I demonstrate how to use write to learn strategies for deeper understanding, clarification, and reflection.

Write to Learn

In this video, I introduce how writing to learn is an informal, often un-graded processing mechanism designed to engage all students.

Annotating with Intention

In this video, I ask participants – using some guidelines – to annotate an article. Then they discuss the ways that annotation with guidelines helps develop understanding. Finally, I ask participants to choose one word to describe the article and explain why.

Clearing Muddy Moments

In this video, I ask participants to annotate a poem that I read aloud. Then I explain how to use post-it notes to surface and identify “muddy moments” in the text. Finally, we reflect as a group.