Engage students’ families with culturally responsive communications.

by Dana Boyd

All Grades


I credit my success as a teacher to the open and honest communication I’ve had with parents. I treat this like a partnership. If there are issues that a student is having, I look to the parent to help me address them and to help make the student successful.

I invite parents to be involved in school life at every level, not just when something is wrong. I also reach out to parents to praise their children and reinforce the excellent work that they do.

It’s important to communicate with parents through both our digital platforms and our analog ones. In my community, kids are being raised by many different configurations of adults including grandparents who may be less comfortable interacting with the school online.

Parental involvement can take many forms and I try to accommodate the range of skills, comfort, and even education level so that as many parent or guardians as possible can participate in school life.

We call ourselves a “school like no other” and we’ve achieved that largely due to our open and inviting policy of putting willing parents in service to their children.

About Dana Boyd

Dana Boyd is currently the principal at East Point Elementary in El Paso, Texas. Before becoming an administrator she taught first, second and thir...

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