Establishing your classroom as an arts-infused learning environment to encourage students to demonstrate their understanding of core academic content.

by Catherine Davis Hayes

Grades K-2, Grades 3-5

In this series of videos, I work with a classroom teacher to develop art projects that support creative writing work she is doing with her students. Students begin by doing a series of activities in their regular classroom, then transition to the art room to design and perform puppet shows.

Part One: What is a Tableau?

Students begin by sharing their definitions of “tableau” and why and how they help to reinforce learning.

Part Two: Designing and Performing Tableaus

In part two, students, working in groups, take phrases from a book, then develop ideas for representing the phrases in tableaus.

Part Three: Group Poem

In part three, students take their phrases and use them to author a group poem that is laid out on the floor.

Part Four: Shadow Puppets

In part four, students move to the art room to produce shadow puppet shows that illustrate parts of the poem they created in an earlier activity.

Part Five: Show Time!

In part five, students continue to work on their shadow puppet shows under the guidance of the classroom and art teacher, then perform them.