Preparing students for mathematical problems by introducing real-world contexts connected to their lives

by David Rennie

Grades 9-12

In this series of videos, you’ll see participants working in small groups to analyze and represent math word problems in multiple ways.

Part One: Introduction

In part one of the workshop, I introduce the idea of multiple representations of content in mathematics and explore how representations are at the heart of communicating mathematical problems.

Part Two: Conversations About Representations

In part two of the workshop, I invite participants to work on a math word problem, and represent their thinking and the procedure they use to solve it. I move from group to group to help facilitate by having conversations about the math and introducing new variables.

Part Three: Comparing Representations

In part three of the workshop, we compare representations that were produced by the groups. What we find is that there are many different ways to represent the same thing and that the conversations about the differences are entry points for analyzing the underlying math.