Helping students “chunk” texts in ways that increase their ability to synthesize information, paraphrase ideas, and better organize their thinking.

by Vivett Dukes

Grades 6-8, Grades 9-12

In this series of videos, I describe and ask participants to experience the strategy of chunking and summarizing text. This means tackling a difficult text by breaking it down into digestible portions and carefully analyzing each one.

Part One: Introduction

In part one of the workshop, we go over the main ideas of what it means to chunk and summarize a text and the skills that are developed as a result.

Part Two: Try It!

In part two of the workshop, I ask participants to choose from a variety of writings and chunk and summarize the text individually or in groups.

Part Three: Reflections

In part three of the workshop, participants present the ways they see value in chunking and analyzing across different disciplines and for different grade levels.