Helping students set reasonable goals by creating a personal plan and persistence to complete them.

by Keven Kroehler

Grades 9-12


Edvisions creates schools that empower students, parents and teachers to make choices. Edvisions teachers promote self-directed, project-based learning to build student autonomy; create student belongingness through full-time advisories; and empower teachers via teacher-led and democratically governed schools.

In this presentation, Keven Kroehler shares the centerpiece of Edvision’s approach to project based learning: goal setting for students.

Using personalized learning plans, Edvisions students work closely with advisors to craft rigorous, standards-based projects built around their personal interests. Once these goals are established, these advisors guide and counsel students through the process and to completion.

About Keven Kroehler

Keven spent the beginning of his life in Henderson, Minnesota. He later moved to Brookings, South Dakota to attend South Dakota State University. T...

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