Lead students into the heart of learning through role-playing, re-enactment, and real-life experience.

by Steve Perkins

Grades 9-12


I have taught Latin at many levels – from middle school to university – and it’s my experience that education is a shared journey of discovery. It’s something that you are in with the students, shoulder to shoulder.

For me, I’ve found that role play, re-enactment, and real life experiences are a way to get past the particulars of the subject so that students can enter a world. Students, like all of us, want to get as close to the real thing as possible.

For my students, we use a variety of devices to help us know what it’s like to be inside characters and events and how to apply what we learn to our lives outside of school.

-We use role play to enable students to become gods and goddesses and characters from mythology.

-We use re-enactment to allow students to be participants in famous events.

-We take subjects like mathematics, which are abstractions in the classroom, and apply them directly in our communities or homes.

When you get to that real level of engagement, it prompts questions that nobody would have thought to ask before. And this is the beginning of a shared journey of discovery.

About Steve Perkins

Steve is an Indiana native from New Albany. He earned a B.A. with honors in Classical Studies at Indiana University and an M.A. in Classics from Th...

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