Partnering with parents to improve school climate and student outcomes.

by Katy Smith

All Grades


I believe that partnering closely with parents results in much better outcomes for our kids.

I teach parent education in a state that invites parents to be engaged in their kids’ school experience from early on. I’ve consistently found that the personal investment parents make by engaging early carries out throughout their lifespan of their child’s education. Parents who make this investment stay engaged and involved and committed in ways that other parents just don’t.

Partnering with parents equally helps teachers to improve outcomes for their students. Engaging with parents about their child’s time in the classroom helps teachers to:

–Get a deeper sense of the child’s identity, and uncover more of what motivates the child and the unique way he or she learns;

–Discover some of the things that might need doing or undoing for a family, or for a particular child.

–Enlist parents as a continuing partner in their child’s education, an investment that helps the whole family beyond a single conference or meeting.

Every parent wants their child to do well in school. I’ve found that parents want to be part of a community. They want to be connected and engaged in real ways. Teachers play an integral role in shaping a parent’s view of what happens in school. When we partner with parents, we see some grand results for families.

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Katy Smith is a licensed parent educator and community educator with two undergraduate degrees in social work and parent education from Winona Stat...

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