Using “accountable talk” to set a high standard of student discourse in your classroom.

by Mark Sandy

All Grades

In this series of videos, I invite participants to explore the concept, meaning, and implementation of “accountable talk” in the classroom.

Part One: Introduction

In part one of the workshop, I use “think, pair, share” to collectively come up with a definition of “accountable talk” and “active listening.”

Part Two: What Active Listening Doesn't Look Like

In part two of the workshop, I begin by demonstrating what active listening doesn’t look like. Then I ask participants to do the same.

Part Three: Rigorous Thinking

In part three of the workshop, we explore how accountable talk also applies to students holding each other to high academic standards. I use rubrics to let my students know that there is a standard for all aspects of accountable talk in my classroom. Finally, we develop our own discussion stems to foster effective communication.