Using author’s craft to build student comprehension and to model writing.

by Janette Barela

Grades K-2, Grades 3-5

In this series of videos, I share with participants my strategies for requiring students to examine and analyze an author’s craft and borrow what they notice as a way to develop as writers.

Part One: Introduction

In part one of the workshop, I begin by talking about “borrowing the author’s craft.” The first step is knowing something about the author from whom you’re going to borrow, then analyzing the text to learn the author’s purpose.

Part Two: Notice and Note

In part two of the workshop, I invite participants to share with each other how they use author’s craft in their own classrooms. Then I ask them to try the technique of “notice and note” with a text I provide.

Part Three: Sharing Out

In part three of the workshop, I ask participants to share what they noticed in the text I provided. We conclude with a lively discussion about how notice and note supports common core standards and how it can be used across all grade levels.