Employing “interactive modeling” to teach students the procedures for math word problems.

by Ann Rose Santoro

Grades K-2, Grades 3-5

In this series of videos, I demonstrate and ask participants to experience, interactive modeling to solve math word problems. This is a four step procedure that requires students to combine methodical steps with conversations about the underlying math.

Part One: Introduction

In part one of the workshop, we begin with a ice-breaker, then I describe how I use interactive modeling with math word problems to set students up for success.

Part Two: Experiencing Interactive Modeling

In part two of the workshop, I demonstrate how I ask my students to think about a math word problem. You begin with what you know, then move to what you want to know. You identify what math you need, and end with what you learn.

Part Three: KWML

In part three of the workshop, we revisit the formula KWML – what do I know? What do I want to know? what math do I use? and what did I learn? – and apply it to another word problem.