Subjects: Developing ELA Skills and Comprehension

Explore these videos of practice anytime to discover classroom-tested strategies that will help your students learn and develop their English Language Arts skills and comprehension.

Using author’s craft to build student comprehension and to model writing.

Looking at literature closely helps build comprehension and eventually students can use the strategies they identify in their own writing.

In my capacity as an instructional coach in literacy, it’s central to my practice to help build confidence of both students and teachers. I work with teachers in lesson planning, do observations in the classroom, and interact directly with children.

Sometimes, I go into the classroom and work with groups of students to model the strategy for teachers. Other times, I work with the entire class and do a shared reading, then talk about what we noticed.

There is also a lot of behind the scenes work where I work with a teacher to do lesson planning. For example, we work on “sign-posts” or the moments in the lesson where students turn and talk, or the times when you let students grapple with a problem.