Working with different kinds of kids

Exploring and sharing the key conditions that support teachers’ work with students who bring gifts and challenges to the classroom, in particular what it means to work with culturally- and linguistically-diverse students, special-needs and gifted students, and students with other unique needs.


Katherine Smith

By: Katherine Smith

Stacey Todd

By: Stacey Todd

Brett Bigham

By: Brett Bigham


Amanda Allen

I have taught a variety of grades for over 17 years. I first started my career as an Algebra I/II, Spanish, and Art teacher at...

Ben Owens

Ben Owens spent 20 years as an engineer in industry before leaving the corporate world to teach math and physics at Tri-County ...

Brett Bigham

Brett Bigham is the 2014 Oregon State Teacher of the Year and the current Oregon Education Association Teacher of Excellence. H...

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