Posted 6 months ago

Coaching a Culture

By Noah Klein

Losing Authority, Gaining Perspective I became one of them.  I am the guy who left the classroom to become a coach.  To this day, I find solace in the idea that I am there to support teachers, however, I no longer can be seen as an expert as I am no longer in the classroom.  I …

Posted 7 months ago

A Collection of Shower Thoughts on Assessment

By Noah Klein

I stand before you, my fellow congregants of the Church of Pedagogy, to utter unto you a statement that verges on blasphemy.  And please, hold your slings and arrows for a moment and allow me to explain. I do not hate standardized tests. Stepping off the imaginary pew in my brain, I recognize that saying I …

Posted 12 months ago

What College and Career Readiness Looks Like

By Gina Wilson

In our program, college and career readiness is everything. We are an early middle college and our students must complete Eastern Michigan University courses to graduate from high school. How many courses the students complete depends on many factors, but most students earn 60 credits before completing high school. We are finishing up week seven …

Posted 1 year ago

My Experience with SREB and the Math Design Collaborative

By Sharon Moehle

“I challenge you to teach with creativity, depth, and have students think critically instead of teaching a mile wide and an inch deep” said my administrator.  WHAT??!!  I glazed at him from across the room thinking he was crazy and wondering how I could get everything I needed to teach all in one school year …

Posted 1 year ago

My Experience with SREB and the Learning Design Collaborative


One summer evening in 2015 my principal called me at home. We discussed school and upcoming plans before she caught me off guard. “Dr. Carter would like for you to serve as the LDC coach for our district,” she said. What, wait? Coach? But I am a teacher, and what is LDC? How can I …

Posted 1 year ago

The Future Leadership of Teachers by Barnett Berry and Vicki Phillips

By TeachingPartners

It is increasingly implausible that we could improve the performance of schools… without promoting leadership in teaching by teachers. —Judith Warren Little (1988)[1]   Almost 30 years ago, Judith Warren Little, one of our nation’s most prominent scholars, offered a clarion call for teachers to lead school reform, not just be the targets of it. …

Posted 1 year ago

Cracking the Teacher Recruitment and Retention Code

By Justin Minkel

I teach in a school that is 99% poverty yet has virtually 0% turnover. See if you can figure out which of the following are responsible for so many skilled teachers choosing to teach at Jones Elementary, a school where virtually every child lives in poverty. Hefty performance bonuses are tied to standardized test scores. It’s …

Posted 1 year ago

Parent and Family Engagement: 15 Tips to Help High School Students Achieve

By Nancy Barile

I teach high school, and parents and families often ask me “What can we do to help our high school student succeed? Is there something we should be doing at home?” To answer these questions, I turned to the research. I wanted to be able to give parents and families a “toolkit,” which would assist …

Posted 1 year ago

What are You Doing to Encourage Curiosity in Your Teachers?

By Bill Ferriter

In a response to my recent bit on the importance of encouraging curiosity in the classroom, an undergraduate education student going by LaurenUSA made an important point that I hadn’t considered.  She wrote: “Ironically, I also see that I will have to use my own curiosity and creativity alike to come up with the actual assignments that will engage …

Posted 1 year ago

Open Letter to Pre-Service and Early-Career Teachers

By Anna Baldwin

Dear Pre-Service and Early-Career Teachers: Recently I finished the semester at the University of Montana where I have spent four years as an adjunct. I can describe the attitude most of you pre-service teachers have toward your new career: cautious idealism. You have some sense that the job ahead will be difficult yet gratifying, poorly …

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