Changing How Things Look

With only about 8 weeks left in the school year, this time of year seems to move at breakneck speed toward June. The tasks on my “to do” list at school and home don’t get shorter because I’m constantly marking one thing off and adding two. Two tasks, in particular, have been begging my attention–writing my first blog entry and cleaning out my closet.  Until today, the first task seemed daunting at best, and the other seemed downright unpleasant. I’ve been procrastinating and making lame excuses for why I couldn’t get these done. My perspective needed an adjustment.

“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

Today, the universe just grabbed me by the chin and said, “Stop and look!”  This happened in the form of a quote by Wayne Dyer: “If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”  It came to me first via a Facebook post by my sister this morning and then again when I was watching a culminating presentation by a group of office professionals speaking about what they had learned in their PD sessions.  The same quote was used twice in one day in two unrelated events!

I took this to heart and decided to apply it to my two tasks by looking at them differently.

I started with the least desirable of the two tasks and thought about my closet.  How could I look at that and find the motivation to attack it?  Just walking into it put me in a dark place.  The perspective shift came this afternoon when my close friend and principal at another elementary school said that they would be hosting a garage sale to benefit their campus and they needed items. Now my closet cleanup project has a purpose! I’m looking at it tonight eager to get in there and find as many things as possible to help them out.  What I see has changed.

Next came the business of starting my blog. I have been holding off writing and posting out of fear.  Fear that what I had to say wouldn’t be of any significance or add value.  The models I have in my PLN are so good at this! How could I contribute in any real way?  Who would want to read it? This way of looking at blogging has paralyzed me until today. With the help of my PI5 friend, @matthew_arend, and his entry on WHYhe blogs, I’m looking at this differently.

What is MY why?

At the simplest level, the answer is because I need to…for me.  If I happen to hit a mark for someone who reads it, then great!  If not, it hits the mark for me being able to express thoughts that float in my mind and then take form, taking reflection to a deeper level.  Writing has always been something I value and I need to get back to doing it for the love of it.  Looking at it this way has broken the chains that shackled me. So here I am, writing my first post!

Changing our attitudes sometimes only takes looking at things differently.  In the space between what we see and our attitude about it, innovation, creativity, and productivity are inspired.

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